Mathematics Awards

There are many types of mathematics awards, and the department of mathematics has several that honor outstanding students. The department’s Outstanding Math Major Award is one of the most prestigious, carrying a $200 cash prize. It honors students for their achievements in mathematics, including outstanding teaching and research. A student must be nominated by a faculty member to be eligible for this award. A student must be a math major in good standing to qualify. The mathematics department also recognizes outstanding faculty members.

The Fields Medal is given to an outstanding senior or junior, for the best research paper in any branch of mathematics. Submissions should be submitted by a faculty member who can vouch for the quality of the work. If there are several excellent entries, the committee may award duplicate prizes for the same paper. The deadline for submitting the paper is May 10, 2023. The award committee will announce the winner at a dinner in Helsinki, Finland, on the evening of the announcement.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh also awards the Morgan Ward Prize, which recognizes outstanding contributions to mathematics education and public outreach. This award was first proposed in India, and was originally funded by the Norwegian Abel Foundation. But Indian mathematicians managed to secure a sponsor who made it a regular award. The award is given annually at the close of the ICM. Information technology giant Infosys sponsors the award. This is a shortlist of several mathematicians’ achievements.

Mathematics Awards For Women

Women are not seriously underrepresented in leading US mathematics departments, though they are more likely to receive other forms of recognition. Women are now expected to account for 20 percent of all speakers at the ICM, up from 15% in previous years. And female mathematicians are becoming increasingly visible, even on the most prestigious mathematics awards. So far, they are achieving progress in other fields. So, why not go for it? If you are a woman in maths, don’t be discouraged! It’s never too late to start making your own history.

Fields Medal – Among the most prestigious mathematicians in the world, this award is given to up to four mathematics students at the International Congress of Mathematicians. The recipients receive a $1,500 cash prize. The Fields Medal is awarded to two or four mathematicians under 40 years old. It was named after the late John Charles Fields, a mathematician who organized the 1924 International Congress of Mathematicians.

Schafer Prize – The AWM’s Schafer Prize is given to a female undergraduate who has shown exceptional achievements in the field of mathematics. It was created in 1990 by the executive committee of the Association for Women in Mathematics (AWM). Alice T. Schafer, a founding member of the organization and former president, made outstanding contributions to mathematics during her lifetime. The Schafer Prize criteria include the nominee’s performance in mathematics courses, the quality of her independent work, and her participation in mathematical competitions.